Always more games, more fun, more smiles

Catering real, organic children's food

In Alwaysland, the food is healthy, tasty and fun.

The eco-friendly kitchenware  

We do not use plastic utensils.

We decorate the tables with balloons and biodegradables tableware.

Eco-friendly food

Our sweets can also be sugar free.

We prepare the food with local products and natural ingredients.

Are you organizing a children's party?




Would you like your little one and his/her guests to consume 0km food at the party?

However, you are concerned that they may not like the food and they will end up not eating.

In that case, you need a child-friendly and eco-friendly alternative to traditional children’s catering.

We are Carmina Kids

Our service, Catering Kids

Catering Kids is a children’s catering service.

Our specialty is Real Food menus  for children, although we also prepare menus for adults.

Real Food is not a diet, it is a lifestyle.

What are the Catering Kids menus like?

In the Land of Always More, the menus are REAL FOOD.


In the Land of Always More, the menus are TASTY.


In the Land of Always More, the menus are FUN.

Our menus are prepared with fresh and natural products.They do not contain ultra-processed products.
We adapt the menus to the tastes of the little ones, without forgetting that they must cover their nutritional needs.
All of our menus have attractive children’s designs.In addition, we can personalize them.

In addition, all Catering Kids menus  have:

Real Food



How Can We Help You?

We can help you in three ways:

Catering Kids Delivery

We take care of delivering the food.

You bring the kitchenware, prepare the table and enjoy the meal with the guests.

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 Catering Kids Healthy Table

We bring you the food, we include the utensils and we prepare the table.

You enjoy the meal with the guests.

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Catering Kids Lunchbox

We prepare children’s lunchbox menus.

The boxes are personalized, bear the names of the little ones and contain surprises for them.

You enjoy the food and the surprises with the guests.

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At Catering Kids we defend «zero» values

Zero Waste

Catering Kids utensils are made of slate, corn fiber or bamboo, never plastic.
In addition, we use biodegradable balloons and natural flowers in our table decorations.

Zero Kilometer Products

All the products we use to prepare our menus are "zero kilometre".
They are grown and produced in Catalonia and local farmers guarantee their origin and quality .

Zero Processed

At Catering Kids we offer Real Food children's menus, without ultra-processed foods.
An attractive option is sweet and healthy cakes, sugar-free and gluten-free (optional).

Catering Kids is a service for you if:

  • You consider that a children’s party can be eco-friendly and child-friendly.
  • You defend the point of view that the food is local, tasty and that children like it.
  • Plastic and ultra-processed items are not on the guest list for your little one’s party.
Catering saludable para niños | Catering Kids
Catering ecológico para niños | Catering Kids


Catering Kids is not a service for you if:

  • You consider that eco-friendly parties  should be for adults, not children.
  • You feel that local food is tasty, but you think that parents should not insist on healthy options at a children’s party.
  • You insist that there is no party without ultraprocessed items and that the use of plastic is inevitable.

Any questions? ​

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions.

The Catering Kids service includes:

  • An attractive and customizable children’s design
  • Fresh and zero kilometre products
  • Preparation of products
  • Plating up
  • Transportation to the party venue

Depending on the option contracted, the service may include kitchenware, table decoration and table service. We do not use plastic in any of our services.

Finally, we offer the option of having a private chef come to the party venue and prepare the food there. In this way, food is enjoyed freshly cooked, while the presence of the chef adds a touch of glamor.

The Catering Kids service does not include room decoration.

At Catering Kids we use formulas and combinations of natural ingredients that are exquisite on the palate. Some of them are: rice flour, coconut flour, alternative oils to sunflower and vegetable milk.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.
We will be happy to answer them all.

We are going to make the food at your child’s party healthier, tastier and more fun than ever. 

We prepare it with local products and natural ingredients, without ultra-processing.
Catering Kids Delivery · Catering Kids Healthy Table · Catering Kids Lunchbox
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We do not currently offer an organic catering service for children. For more information about this service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your Carmina Kids team.